Torch, Fire & Color

All originals here in 'Torch, Fire & Color' category are available unless sold.  If you see a 'NFS' or 'SOLD' design you wish to own, contact Caoimhín Sé for details.  Please email Caoimhín Sé for prices here.

Bidens & Swamp Milkweed, Cypress Stump Plank, SOLD

Luna Moth & Moon, Red Cedar, Torch & Pigment, NFS

Cheshire Cat, Eastern Red Cedar & Torch, SOLD

Ce Cho La, Wife of Osceola

Seminole Warrior, Torch on Cypress

Key Marco Ivory Billed Woodpecker,  Pre-Columbian Image

Song Birds & Barbwire; SOLD

Tree of Life, Stars & Moon; SOLD

Swallowtail, Xyris, Sabatia, Hat Pins & Blazing Star

Ghost Orchids

Catesby Lilies, Xyris & Polygala

Tarkiln Bayou Wildflowers, Sabatia, Xyris & Duck Potato

Moon, Moth & Mass

Mocking Bird Nest, Dogwood & Pine Snake


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