Earth Symbols

All prints here in 'Nature Symbols' category are available in several sizes including; small, medium & large formats.  Each print is scaled differently & printed to order, numbered & signed.  The Earth Symbol prints are also available as greeting cards. Assortment packages of Earth Symbol greeting cards are also available.  Please email Caoimhín Sé for prices here.


Ancient Earth & Universe Symbols

Anja; Third Eye Chakra

Halo; Prehistoric Mystical

Ankh; Egyptian Hieroglyph for 'Life'

Bagua (Pa Kua); Taoist representation of reality

Bindi; 3rd Eye in Hindi tradition

Borromean Rings; Strength, the Trinity

Buddha Leaf

Camunian Rose; Stone Etching Val Camonica, Italy

Chai, Kabbalah link to God's muse

Chalice; Symbol of Water, Womb & Eucharist

Chi Rho; the Christogram ( Greek Chi & Rho letters)

Cuincux; 5 Points, Early Roman Coin & '5' Symbol

Dharmachakra; Buddha, Hindi, Jainism Wheel of Law

Double Headed Dragon; Asian Symbol of Power & Empire

Eye of God; Divine Watchfulness

Eye of Horus (Wedjat), Egyptian, Royal Power, Protection

Faravahar; Persian Symbol of Zoroastrianism

Fleur De Lis; French, Stylized Flower, Catholic Saints

Flower of Life; Sacred Geometry, 13 Flowers, Fruit of Life

Fu; Chinese Symbol Good Fortune, Luck, Blessings

Genesa Crystal; Geometry of Natural Crystals, Energy Vortex

Globus Cruicger; Christian Symbol of Authority & Empire

Golden Spirals; Fibonacci, Nautilus, Logarithmic Mysticism

Gordian Knot, Alexander the Great, Intractability

Hammer & Sickle; Proletarian Solidarity, Russian

Hand of Fatima, Divine Protection, Daughter of Mohammed

Healer's Hand, North American Hieroglyphics, Shamanism

Hedjet; Egypt, Pharaonic Symbol of Regality, Power

Holy Grail; Striving, Perfection, Arthurian Legends

Hunab Ku, Mayan for One Christian God

Hung; Tibetan, Enlightenment in 'Om Mani Padme Hung', Buddha

Ichthys, Symbol of Fish, Ancient Goddess Atargatis & Christians

IHS; Christian Symbol Representing Jesus Christ

Jaihu, Neolithic Peiligang Symbols, China

Jerusalem Cross, Greek Kingdom of Jerusalem, Nails of Christ

Keys of St Peter; Symbol of Papal Authority, Catholic Church

Khanda, Sikhs, Remain in Circle of God, Loyalty to God

Labrys, Symbol of Greek Thunder God Zeus

Labyrinth; Multi-Cultural Symbol of Life's Path

Lauburu; Basque-Celtic Symbol of Unity, Strength & Culture

Lotus Flower, Purity, Enlightenment, Multicultural, Buddha, Hindi

MAAT; Egyptian Goddess Symbol of Truth, Justice, Morality, Order

Menorah; Symbol of Temple, Judaism

Merkaba, Sacred Geometry from Middle East Cultures

Morning Star; Native American & Multi-cultural Reverence of Ancestors

Ogham; Druid, Celtic-Gaelic Earth/Nature Symbols

Ohm; Hinduism, Ultimate Reality

Onkar; Sikh Symbol for the One Reality/God

Ouroburus; Greek, Eternal Renewal

Papal Cross; Catholic Symbol of Papal Authority

Pentacle; Wicca, White, Good Magic

Pentagram;  Babylonian & Greek Symbol of Faith, Wicca

Raven; Associated with Greek God Apollo, Bad Luck, Messenger

Rod of Asclepias, Snake Twined Around Deity Asclepias' Rod, Healing

Shamash, Mesopotamian God of Sun, Justice, Truth

Shango, Yoruba God of Thunder, Cuba, Nigeria, Alpha Male

Shield of Trinity, Christian Symbol of Trinity

Sun Face, Zuni Deity of Agriculture, Warmth, Seasons

Tau; Egyptian Phallic Symbol & Greek Letter

Tetractys; Masonic & Multicultural Symbol of relationships

Thor's Hammer; Norse God of Thunder & Lightening

Thoth; Egyptian God of Moon,  Wisdom, Magic

Triquetra; Celtic Christian Symbol for Trinity

Triskele, Early Celtic Symbol Representing Passive & Active

Uraeus; Egyptian Cobra Representing Royalty

Vajra; Thunderbolt Experience in Buddhism, Vajrayana

Day and Night; Multicultural Symbol Representing Passage of Time

Golden Bough; Underworld Travelers Gift to Proserpina,  Aeneas

Kartika, Vajrayana Buddhism Knife, Cutting Away Materialism

Sri Yantra, Hinduism, Union of Male and Female

Star of David; Symbol of Zionism

Tree of Life, Symbol of Strength and Growth

Triple Moon; Representing Goddesses Hecate, Diana and Artemis

Valknut; Old Norse Remembrance of Slain Warriors

World Triad; Multicultural Symbol of Land, Sea and Sky

Yin Yang; Taoism Symbol of Light and Dark, Male and Female


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